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Last month, the International Combination Fishing Conference (ICAST) was held in Orlando, Florida. ICAST aims to showcase the latest products in the fishing industry. ICAST annually recognizes the best new fishing products in several categories. These “Best in Category” awards, given by participating product buyers and representatives of the fishing media, represent the pinnacle of achievement in the fishing tackle industry and are highly competitive.
I have had the pleasure of acquiring several new award winning rods, reels and lures that are sure to take the fishing world by storm.
Legendary investor Warren Buffett – the “Oracle of Omaha” – famously said that it is wise for investors to “fear when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid.” Applied to fisheries, this means that some far-sighted companies are wisely investing in a future where global challenges will force many producers to abandon innovation and new products. DAIWA is one such investor.
The latest high-tech reel for freshwater and saltwater spinning is the sophisticated EXIST reel from Yamato. Style, innovation, research and passion come together in the birth of the new EXIST. Arguably the best spinning reel in EXISTence, equipped with all the exclusive technology you would expect from a flagship DAIWA product. Adjectives cannot describe the experience of using this reel on the water, it has the best resistance and structure imaginable, will last a lifetime or more, and is very smooth.
Surprisingly light yet incredibly powerful, the Free Swimmer features an automatic bite engagement clutch on the bottom of the body that allows the angler to instantly detach the spool so when the shackle is removed the line can move with little or no resistance. . Simply pull the lever down to put the reel in free spool mode and flip it back to turn it back on as soon as the fish grabs your bait. A small tension control knob on the back of the spool makes it easy to adjust the spool tension to control the speed at which the line moves.
The 5″ NEKO CRAWLER blends Daiwa’s NEKO FAT and NEKO STRAIGHT, incorporating the key elements of each to create the NEKO Alpha Lure. Its simple-looking form factor is filled with technology and intelligence. To start with, the NEKO CRAWLER is based on Yamamoto’s legendary technology for more reach. This kind of trembling drives the bass crazy. In addition, the NEKO CRAWLER has a large diameter front that provides additional surface for inserting NEKO weights, from drywall screws to special weights. Third, Yamamoto’s invention creates a soft, buoyant plastic that allows the lure to stand upright on the bottom for easy baiting.
This is a herring bait unlike anything on the market. The XV-5 features a brand new anchovy crank lure design and like many other Ever Green tipped lures, the XV-5 is pressure-engineered. These lures are sure to please the most discerning angler looking for the perfect combination of screaming bait and jerk bait for herring infested waters. The lure does not have a tap or internal rattle, which is also an advantage when fishing under pressure in clear water. A tight swing produces all the necessary vibrations and sounds to detect perch, striped, wipers, white perch, walleye and trout.
Looking like a briefcase, Daiwa’s new bait organizer is a folder with a convenient carrying handle and a slim profile that can be slid anywhere on the boat. The overall structure itself is folded with latches to keep all latches in place. In terms of construction, the Daiwa Primal Jig Binder features a unique design that basically extracts everything you need to attach the jig and rig from the inside. The front opens easily with a simple elastic clasp that opens the sides of the folder for quick access. It has 10 Isinglass compartments for easy insertion and removal of triple hook clamps and 10 compartments on the opposite side for low speed clamps and tool holders. In addition, the Daiwa Primal Jig Binder has two rigging compartments at the back for storing weights, tools and other fishing gear.
Park Falls, Wisconsin, Santa Cruz, a 74-year-old American family business, received the ICAST 2022 New Product Showcase Award for “Best in Category” in the Freshwater Stick category for their three new Legendary Championship Bass GRASPs. Models of swimming lures.
“We are honored that industry professionals who make a living reporting or selling fishing tackle have chosen the Legend Tournament Bass GRASP as the best new freshwater rod in the backpack category, which includes 34 other important new rods,” said St. Croix. CEO Scott Forristal. “Stone. Croix is ​​built from the top down to find, understand and meet the needs of anglers; it’s what drives every member of our St. Croix team every day, which is why everyone in the St. Croix family is very proud. This recognition is very proud and sincerely grateful. But at the end of the day, this award is for every angler around the world who takes pride in using a St. Croix rod, just like how we feel when we make rods.This also applies to our retail partners who are at the forefront helping anglers choose the best rods on the planet to suit their specific needs and fishing goals.”
New Legend Tournament Bass Lure Model Trio with patented GRASP reel seat developed by St. Croix sets a new standard in the design and performance of heavy duty bass fishing rods. Designed for use with Alabama swim lures and rigs from § to 8 oz, these three new rods complement the newly redesigned Legend Tournament Bass line with 27 high performance models with a variety of technologies that benefit pool anglers around the world.
The new model of the Legend Tournament Bass lure has the distinction of being the world’s first modern St. Croix with patented components designed by St. Croix, in this case a brand new St. Croix GRASP Authentic Seat.
“Mount for coil St. Croix GRASP, requested by anglers, helps anglers get the upper hand by providing superior ergonomic control of the Legend Tournament Bass during the cast, retrieve and throughout the fight,” Ryan, St. Croix Tich. GRASP effectively combats hand and wrist fatigue commonly associated with casting and hauling heavy lures and fighting large, powerful fish. GRASP achieves this by maintaining proper wrist alignment at all times, providing the most comfortable and efficient grip on the rod, and aligning the reel straight and with the rod in the final palm position, rather than backwards or backwards as is often the case with traditional cast rods. Front tilt handle. The result is complete rod and fish control with less fatigue, so anglers can fish longer, harder and be more successful.
In addition to the GRASP’s ergonomic design, its fishing interface features an extremely durable and pleasant SoftTouch finish.
“Choosing the right coating takes years of research and trial and error, and that’s what makes GRASP stand out in the market,” Teach says. “The SoftTouch coating we used was just as important as the sleek geometry that made GRASP a cohesive and unique design. It was incredibly resilient, but still a bit tacky when wet.”
The new Legend Tournament GRASP model will be available to anglers at Santa Cruz dealers worldwide in October. All of the other 24 new Legend Tournament Bass models announced earlier this year at the Bassmaster Classic 2022 are now available.
The new Legend Tournament bass rod features a significantly lighter and stronger new generation SCIV+ carbon fiber hybrid blank. The Select Reaction Decoy features the new iACT Glass hybrid blank. In addition to a unique combination of patented materials, the new Legend Tournament bass rod incorporates all of St. Croix.
While each new Legend Tournament bass rod is special and unique, the three iACT Glass models are designed for use with hard lures such as crank and tremolo lures. They represent a greater technical achievement for the angler. “These rods use a third material – our S-Glass linear glass – in a hybrid SCIV+ blank to produce rods with smoother action and visual response. The combination of iACT Glass, which stands for Internal Active, allows St. Croix to provide these slower parabolic actions while maintaining peak sensitivity in a smaller and lighter ingot than the pure glass crank rod diameter.
“All three materials in the Legend Tournament Bass iACT Glass – SCIV carbon fiber, SCVI carbon fiber and linear S-glass – are individually patterned and stacked to specification and then all rolled together,” he said, stressing that each the material is different, adding that the Legend Tournament Bass iACT Glass model is the world’s first carbon/glass hybrid rod rolled on a St. Croix IPC.
These three iACT Glass models offer everything an angler could want when it comes to jet bait sticks and more.
“You can even walk on water with total control using one of these Legend Tournament Bass iACT sticks,” he said. “It is generally believed that this is not possible on a rod containing some kind of glass. You can guide these lures with precision and never think that you have a glass rod in your hand until you even catch a fish, this one is soft. The advantages of parabolic I understand that Santa Cruz is the only company we can work with.”
Bassmaster Elite angler Bob Downey said: “I am impressed that these new Legend Tournament Bass iACT rods are lighter and have a significantly smaller blank diameter compared to pure glass rockers. I don’t know the market. There are no other products like these rods. on the market and I believe their overall performance when using chatter and crank lures is in a class of its own.”
Jesse Wiggins, MLF angler and lure guru, agrees. “I have always been and still am a big fan of St. Croix Legend Glass, but I am very impressed with these new blue iACT rods, especially in any starting situation where extra sensitivity is needed.”
Despite the improvements, some things will remain the same. The new Legend Tournament bass bars are still handcrafted in Park Falls, Wisconsin and come with a 15-year transferable warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. They also retain their Championship Blue Pearl signature color.
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