Understanding Fishing Rod Sensitive If You Read This

When choosing a fishing rod, you may consider aspects such as material, length, strength, action, price, etc. of the rod. However, don't forget about sensitivity. Having a sensitive rod not only allows you to feel light bites from smaller fish but also can allow you to work your lure better and keep in contact with the bottom.


What is a fishing rod sensitivity?

Fishing rod sensitivity is the ability of a rod to transfer even the slightest movement in form of vibrations to the angler holding the rod. To put it simply, rod sensitivity is how well you can feel a bite or the bottom of the river through the rod.

What makes a fishing rod sensitive?

Many factors affect the sensitivity of a fishing rod.

The first is the material. Graphite rods have higher sensitivity. In terms of transmitting vibrations, graphite rods are better than other materials such as fiberglass. 

The second is the design and processing method of the rod blank. Fibers used in materials can be softer or stiffer. The stiffer the fiber, the less material it requires. The less material used, the easier it is for a frequency to transmit down the blank to your hand.

The third is the coating. The coating will reduce rod sensitivity because it adds more material to it. An uncoated rod usually feels more sensitive than a coated version. 

The fourth is fishing rod parts such as line guides, handles, and reel seats. The connection of all those parts has some influence, and to get a sensitive rod, a meticulous design process is required.

How do you test the sensitivity of a fishing rod?


Whether you are a new angler or an experienced one, a fishing rod sensitivity test is something that deserves your attention. But there is no standardized fishing rod sensitivity test that would somehow grade the rods. You may have used methods for fishing rod sensitivity testing such as tapping the line with your hand and finger, testing it with a vibrating cell phone, or placing the tip against your throat to feel the vibration while talking. However, the only way to truly test it is to try it in real conditions.

Post time: Dec-15-2022