Should You Choose Hard Lures or Soft Lures? Read And Find Out (3)

These 6 Tips Will Help You

We've discussed the advantages and disadvantages of hard lures and soft lures before, but the question of whether to use hard lures or soft lures remains unanswered. As with most questions, the answer depends on the situation.

1. You are a fishing novice

Let's start with soft lures. Aim for the fish close to the shore, and your chances of getting a fish will be higher. Start with soft lures and target fish close to the shore. As a novice, your skill level may not be enough for you to operate hard lures flexibly. Don't waste too much money and time. Conversely, if you want to learn how to use a hard lure, you can start with a combination of a head jig and a T-tail soft lure.

2. Long shot

If the only way you can catch fish is to cast very long distances, then a hard lure will be the lure that maximizes the cast distance.

3. The size of the fishing environment

Soft lures are best in tight spaces like ponds or creeks, as you don't have to cast long distances, and it's easiest to catch fish with soft lures that show fine movement.

When you're fishing on a large surface where you need to keep exploring throughout the fishing session, a hard lure is a good choice because you can cover more water faster. It's also a good idea to start switching to soft lures once you spot a school of fish in an area.

4. Temperature

Using a soft lure will be a better choice in extreme cold or hot temperatures, as the target fish will be drowsy and less active at these temperatures. But if your fishing environment is deep water, the target fish may hide in the deepest water, and then it may be more suitable to use a hard lure.

5. Structure of the fishing environment

Fishing in heavily structured areas can be a challenge. In this case, using a soft lure is best. Because it can be relatively anti-hanging with hidden hook tips, and any loss of lure due to obstacles won't be too heart-wrenching.

6. Types of target fish

Almost all predatory fish will eat soft lure. However, if you are catching fish with very sharp teeth, or in an environment of small fish with sharp teeth, then you should only choose to use hard lures.

Some fish may prefer targets with more exaggerated movements or larger vibrations, in which case it may be better to use a hard lure.

Post time: Sep-09-2022