We produce a variety of fishing gear and related products with the highest standards. The main products are three categories, bait, fishing tackle and fishing gear accessories.

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We manufacturer,supply and exports all sort of fishing gear and associated products with highest standard ,We also offer our overseas distributors virtually everything they need in fishing supplies from our own factory or other major manufacturers.   We produce a variety of fishing gear and related products with the highest standards. The main products are three categories, bait, fishing tackle and fishing gear accessories.

♦ There are many scientific and technical personnel, including 1 postdoctoral fellow and 3 senior engineers.

♦ We have advanced high-precision magnesium die-casting machines, alloy die-casting machines, zinc alloy die-casting machines, machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC lathes, height, three-coordinate measuring machines, gear measuring instruments and hundreds of processing and testing equipment.

♦ At the same time, we have proprietary technical expertise in the fields of technology, gear precision machining technology, and micro-motor development, such as anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of parts.

♦ The testing laboratory has passed ISO10012 measurement system certification

♦ Products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, and Japan.

Hunan Fishing Outdoors., Ltd Company producing basically assorted handmade hooks and fishing lures. Nowadays the company products are being widely exported all over the world, specifically to Japan, United States, and Australia. All the products are mainly categorized as follows: spoons, spinners, plugs, jig spoons, jig head, worms, combos, and any type of sinkers. If you cannot find any style exactly to be your preference from the enclosed catalog, please send us your own samples or specifications so that we may make counter samples for you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thank you!

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With more than 17 years of development, we have built a young, energetic, responsible, skilled and united team, who knows better what the clients want exactly. We always provide new and innovative items. We can also provide OEM and ODM, small order services.

We have successful cooperation with many company, and got their favorable comments. We can well control the quality and delivery time. We don’t sell poor quality at low price, but high quality at reasonable price. We hope to cooperate with your esteemed company and grow up together.

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We produce a variety of fishing gear and related products with the highest standards. The main products are three categories, bait, fishing tackle and fishing gear accessories.

Lures vs Bait: Which is Better?

Lure Fishing vs Bait Fishing, Lures vs Bait It’s the frequently asked question among anglers: is it better to fish with artificial lure or live bait? The answer to that question is often: it depends. Each way of fishing has its pros and cons. To use which fishing method depends on various factors, such as the water condition, the surrounding environment, the fish species you catch, the weather, your fishing skill level, and even your preference. In some situations, lure fishing works better than bait fishing and vice versa. If you are wondering which is best for your specific circumstances, let’s check a few things of each technique: 1. Fishing with artificial lures – When to use lures: If you’ve ever watched a fishing competition, you’ve found that the professional anglers tend to use fishing lures (generally, live baits is banned to use). With that said, if you’re a novice angler who wants to have a more relaxing fishing experience, then fishing with live bait may be a great way. If you’re an experienced angler who wants to be more actively involved, artificial lures are a better choice. It is often that fishing lure works well for fishing aggressive predatory fish, what’s more, it will work for release and catch better than live baits. If you aren’t interested in fishing smaller

Where should I go fishing?

Questions like “where should I go fishing” often revolve around new anglers. It does matter to the fishing lure size and lure weight which will influence their sinking movement or floating movement. You need to consider the water condition where you are fishing in. If fishing in the lake with weak current, you need to prefer to opt for the more lightweight lures, while the heavier lures work great in the strong current. It’s obvious that, in addition to lure’s weight and size, the water condition also affects your fishing trip. Generally speaking, most anglers like to start their fishing trip in lakes or ponds with banks or docks-they usually have a larger volume of starving fish than that of the river you’ll find. Besides, the fish species in lakes and rivers are a little different: there are mostly species such as bass, rainbow trout, or panfish in lakes, while salmon, brown trout or rainbow trout, cutthroat are almost found in rivers.

Fishing Tips and Tricks: The Secrets to Catching More Fish with Your Lures

Bass fishing tips and tricks, Fishing tricks There are some inevitable things that may happen in your fishing trip, such as the terrible water condition, bad weather. In the face of these terrible situations, the following are some fishing tips and tricks summarized by fishing lure manufacturer, that may help you. When in Doubt, Add Flash Many anglers have collected a range of stick baits or small swimbaits, as well as various plastic fishing lures. Fish see these lures frequently, which will reduce their curiosity and enhance alertness. How to stand out and get attacks among those lures? Maybe you can consider to add a blade to your lure. A lock blade will move right into the end of a plastic fishing lure. Although most blades use willow leaf, there are still many options to add flash to the line. It is also useful to add a small blade to the underside of any bait before casting it out. With this simple technique, you are surprised how many lures you get. Do Fish Hear What I Hear? Yes! The predator perceives prey through vision, smell, vibration, taste and sound which is a great addition to the lures. You can unlock another sense by adding noise to increase more chances that fish attack the lures. Also you can combine more senses to achieve better

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