Where should I go fishing?
Where should I go fishing?

Questions like "where should I go fishing" often revolve around new anglers.

It does matter to the fishing lure size and lure weight which will influence their sinking movement or floating movement. You need to consider the water condition where you are fishing in. If fishing in the lake with weak current, you need to prefer to opt for the more lightweight lures, while the heavier lures work great in the strong current. It’s obvious that, in addition to lure’s weight and size, the water condition also affects your fishing trip.

Generally speaking, most anglers like to start their fishing trip in lakes or ponds with banks or docks-they usually have a larger volume of starving fish than that of the river you’ll find. Besides, the fish species in lakes and rivers are a little different: there are mostly species such as bass, rainbow trout, or panfish in lakes, while salmon, brown trout or rainbow trout, cutthroat are almost found in rivers.

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