What to understand about Custom Soft Plastic Baits?
What to understand about Custom Soft Plastic Baits?

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The shape of a fishing lure's body is the most critical design consideration when designing new Custom Soft Plastic Baits. To maximize the lure's potential to catch fish, you must understand natural Similarity, the concentration of gravity, frontline resistance, and static action.

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  • Natural Similarity
  • Natural Similarity means that something artificial is designed to have the same appearance and behavior as something naturally occurring. For example, it is building a Custom Fishing Tacklethat looks and behaves like a living creature (minnow, crawfish, etc.).

  • Concentration of Gravity
  • A lure's concentration of gravity plays a vital role in helping it run true and rest properly. Ideally, the concentration of gravity of any lure occurs along the same vertical plane as the line and hook.

  • Frontline Resistance
  • The frontline resistance is the principal factor behind water resistance and thus the primary factor driving the behavior of Custom Tackle in water. Frontal resistance refers to the more surface area a movement has, the more resistance is created, and the more force is required to overcome it.

  • Static Action
  • During the last few years, static action has gained popularity with the advent of soft plastic lures that move without the angler's help.

    The Custom Soft Plastic Baits are stationary when it stops moving, even after tugging, pulling, or bumping by the angler. In most cases, static action is achieved by using bubbles.

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