The tackle and equipment for bass fishing
The tackle and equipment for bass fishing
  1. The choice of hook and bait

The fish sinker needs to be big. Because the big drop can meet the needs of anglers who want to shoot long, it can also effectively resist the impact of the current on the fishing group. There are often a lot of hidden reefs in the sea. If you don't pay attention to the method when fishing, it is easy to hang the bottom. So we have to prepare more fish sinkers. The hook should not be too small. As far as the hook handle is concerned, it is better to have a longer handle than a shorter handle. As for the hook strips, thicker ones are better than thinner ones. Because the thick hook strip is easy to unload the fish, and it is not easy to damage the line.

Second, the choice of float

The float must be used for sea fishing, and the float must not be small. If you don’t have a ready-made fish float at home and you are not willing to go out and buy it, you can make a fish float. The method of making a fish float is not complicated. First find a piece of stiffer foam, then use a knife to cut it into small pieces about the size of an egg. Then smooth the surface of these small pieces. Find a hard awl to perforate the top, so that the main thread can go through smoothly. When fishing with homemade floats, a large pot of space beans on both sides of it should be fixed.

Three, the choice of fishing rod

The fishing rod can be a player rod, or you can choose between sea rod and rock rod. If it is a player pole, it is best to choose a hard pole with a 2/8 tune, and the pole length should be between 4.5m and 6.3m. If you want to choose the latter two poles, the length of the pole should be kept above 3.6m. The fishing line should be as thick as possible and never too thin. After all, bass have very sharp teeth, and they tend to pounce on the bait, which is very fierce. Even the action after successfully swallowing the hook bait is quite wild. For this reason, we should pay attention to the toughness of the line when selecting the line. Therefore, the fishing line must be bite resistant and strong. The wire diameter of the sub-wire should not be less than 0.3mm, and the wire diameter of the main wire should not be less than 0.4mm.

Fourth, the way to fish bass

First, throw a rod and fish a float.

Use sea poles or rocky poles with a length of 3.6M or more, with large-scale spinning reels that can withstand corrosion, plus about 80cm strands and about 5 string hooks for fishing, and throw the bait to the shore At a fishing spot of about 20m, a lot of bass can often be caught. It should be noted that the water depth should not be too shallow or too deep. It is fine to fish in waters about 100cm deep. Once you see the black drift, raise the pole immediately. If you can't wait for the fish news, you might as well use a trick to lure the fish.

Second, toss the rod to fish the bottom.

On the basis of the above method, if you float the fish for fishing, the fishing set becomes a bottom fishing set.

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