The Difference Between Spinnerbait Blades

The functions of the spinnerbait blade are mainly to generate sound, generate flashes, generate turbulence, and generate rotating swimming. 

The blade configuration of spinnerbait is mainly single blade, double blade, and tandem. But there are many types of blades, the most popular are the Colorado blade, Indiana blade, willow blade and French blades.


1.Colorado blade

Colorado blade

The shape of the Colorado blade is the closest to a circle, a shape that resembles a water drop. The Colorado blade has the most turbulence of the three blades, and it produces the most amount of vibration in the water. Therefore, the take-up speed in the water can be slower. Because of the maximum turbulence, the Colorado blade is better for use in murky water and easier for fish to spot. Because the take-up speed can be slower, the Colorado blade is more suitable for use in low water temperatures and less active fish.

2.Indiana blade

Indiana blade

The Indiana blades are a bit longer than the Colorado blades, and their shape is closer to an oval. It has moderate turbulence and moderate take-up speed. They are perfect for medium retrieves in warming or cooling water, and can also be used in lightly polluted water within a few feet of visibility. As the water temperature rises, the fish becomes more active and can transition from the Colorado blades to the Indiana blades.

3.Willow blade

willow blade

The willow blade is narrower and longer than the Indiana blade, like a willow leaf. The willow blades kick off the least amount of vibration and their shape also allows the lure to move through the water faster. It has the least turbulence and the fastest take-up speed. The willow blades must be retrieved faster so they don't sink. Therefore, the reflective effect of the willow blade is the best. As long as the fish is active and chasing the lure, it can be used most of the time of the year.

4.French blade

French blade

The French blade is used on more trout spinners than any other blade. They are similar to Indiana blades in width, but have increased length. As a result, they rotate at speeds similar to Indiana blades of the same size. The French blade is a medium depth running blade and is good for still to slow moving currents. It works extremely well for bass and pike when rigged on spinnerbaits.


Post time: Aug-19-2022