The 3 Best Autumn Fishing Tips To Catch More Fish

1. Best Time

Temperatures start to drop in autumn. In the early autumn, the temperature change is not very obvious, and the morning or evening is the peak period for fish feeding, so the fishing time in early autumn can be selected in the morning or evening. The temperature is still high at noon, so you can avoid fishing at noon in early autumn. When it comes to mid-autumn and late autumn, the temperature drops significantly. Especially in late autumn, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, but it is still above 15 degrees. At this time, you can choose to go fishing at noon.

The rainy days of early autumn have dropped the temperature, but the water temperature has not dropped as fast. So it is possible to fish even if it rains in early autumn. However, the water temperature drops very quickly on a rainy day in late autumn, so fishing in late autumn should try to avoid rainy days or 2 to 3 days after the rain. Try to choose a sunny day for fishing in autumn, and the harvest will be better.

2. Location

In autumn, the water temperature begins to drop, but the water temperature in the deep water area does not change much. Therefore, you can choose deep water areas for fishing in autumn, especially deep water areas with aquatic plants. But when it is sunny, the temperature in the shallow water will increase, so fish in the shallow water when it is sunny. When it is cloudy, the water temperature in the shallow water will drop rapidly, and the fish will go to the deeper water. So we should fish in deep water on cloudy days. In addition to the depth of water, there is also a sunny place. The water temperature is also higher in places where the sun shines for a long time than in shady places.

3. The choice of fishing lure

Since most fish will be less active as autumn goes on, to optimize their energy expenditure on large meals, they prefer slow-moving large meals. Lures like spinnerbaits and jigs are perfect because they can move slowly and maintain a large profile. Of course, you can choose different fishing lures in different areas.


For breezy piers, rocky shores, or near fallen trees, you can use a Chatterbait. The Chatterbait is a versatile lure that not only has the large profile of a jig, the flash of a spinnerbait, but also the vibration of a crankbait.

For bright water locations, sharp ridges, or shallow water areas with rocky bottoms, you can use the walk the dog lures. Walk the dog lures are one of the most effective topwater lures. Walking the dog refers to making a topwater lure move rhythmically from side to side by repeatedly twitching the rod tip, walking out of the "Z"-shaped line.


For docks or wooden obstacles, you can use Buzzbaits. The Buzzbait is a frame made of a metal wire in the shape of the letter J, with a metal paddle attached to the short head, a barb for hanging a soft lure at the long tail, and the middle part retains the knotted bend and the structure of the jig skirt. The soft lure for Buzzbait is generally Toad or Swimbait.


Post time: Sep-16-2022