Should You Choose Hard Lures or Soft Lures? Read And Find Out (2)

Advantages and disadvantages of soft Lure

Through the discussion in the previous article, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of hard lures, but we also need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of soft lures.

Advantage of soft lure

1)Low price

The cost of using soft lures is generally much lower than that of hard lures. Losing a hard lure is a lot more painful than losing a soft lure when you're fishing in a structured area.


This is one of the biggest advantages of soft lures. Fishing lures like forktail fish, Tailfish, Worm Baits, and some topwater soft lures can be used in all water layers and will work against almost any predatory target fish. These soft lures are equally suitable for all types of fishing methods, whether you are using a ned rig, texas rig, or wacky rig. Soft lures are also great for exploring unfamiliar waters, allowing you to more accurately locate structures beneath the water. And you can operate the soft lure at any speed or even almost static action, which makes the possibilities of the soft lure endless.

pic_020 (1)


If sound is the exclusive feature of hard lures, then smell is the exclusive domain of soft lures. Any smell soft lure can already be made. The smell can diffuse within a certain range of the water, thereby attracting nearby target fish.

4)Holds the bite longer

It is well known that when a fish bites a soft lure, the soft lure will be held in the fish's mouth longer than the hard lure. When anglers have more time to respond to bite signals, the success rate of stick fish is bound to be significantly improved.

5)Can hide the hook tip

When the fishing environment has a lot of weeds or structures, not exposing the hook tip means it is less likely to hang on debris and bottom.

hide the hook tip

6) Finer swimming posture

Soft lures can show some realistic movements underwater with very slight manipulations. The tail of the soft lure can even directly show a realistic swimming posture due to the scouring of the current to attract some more vigilant target fish.


7)Realistic shapes

The soft lure can be made into any shape and still maintain a good swimming posture, such as crabs, shrimps, various bugs, frogs, snakes, eels, etc. As long as the operation is correct, it can basically become an effective lure.

Crustacean Soft Plastic

7)Any kind of hook can be used

This is also a huge advantage of soft lures, any type of hook on the market can be used with soft lures.


Disadvantages of soft lure

1)Easily damaged

Although soft lures are much cheaper than hard lures, soft lures are more prone to damage than hard lures. In most cases, it is necessary to check the position of the soft lure hook for serious damage after catching a few fish. If the lure point has been bitten and rotten, you can change the lure. Especially for catching some ferocious and sharp-toothed target fish, the loss rate of soft lures is high, and the cost of using soft lures is even higher than that of hard lures.

2)Short casting distance

The casting distance of most soft lures is too short compared to hard lures. And not only is the casting distance short but even the soft lure will be lost during the casting process.

3)The appearance is less attractive

This is a disadvantage of soft lures, but not a disadvantage for real fishing. Many people who buy lures will also consider whether the lure fits their aesthetic rather than whether it will attract the target fish. Most soft lures are simple in color and shape, making them inferior to brightly colored, ornately painted hard lures. Some people even buy hard lures to collect good-looking lures.

Post time: Sep-09-2022