Mastering The Way You Choose Fishing Lure For Sea Fishing Is Not An Accident – It’s A Skill

When fishing in seawater, catching ferocious sea fish with fishing lures has a unique advantage and is the fun of fishing.


In the fishing spots such as breakwaters, rock edges, slope reefs, etc., you want to use the method of horizontal trolling lure but need to avoid hanging on the bottom, so you can choose shallow diving lures. Attract the target fish by changing the rhythm by pulling the fishing lure on the surface.


In deep fields or fishing spots with outcropping reefs and hidden reefs, you can choose suspending lures. The suspending lure is characterized in that it can be suspended in the water at any depth - shallow, mid, or deep water. Using this feature, you can search for the target fish in the water layer by layer by dragging. At this time, the fishing lure simulates the injured and dying small lure fish to attract the target fish.

When the wind is strong and the tide is strong, you should choose a sinking lure that is heavier and sinks faster to facilitate long-range casting and reach the target fishing layer quickly. When you locate the bottom fish as the target fish, the first choice is the sinking lures such as lead head jigs or metal jigs, but you should pay attention to prevent the fishing lures from hanging on the bottom.


Post time: Sep-16-2022