Lures vs Bait: Which is Better?
Lures vs Bait: Which is Better?

Lure Fishing vs Bait Fishing, Lures vs Bait

It’s the frequently asked question among anglers: is it better to fish with artificial lure or live bait?

The answer to that question is often: it depends. Each way of fishing has its pros and cons. To use which fishing method depends on various factors, such as the water condition, the surrounding environment, the fish species you catch, the weather, your fishing skill level, and even your preference. In some situations, lure fishing works better than bait fishing and vice versa.

If you are wondering which is best for your specific circumstances, let’s check a few things of each technique:

1. Fishing with artificial lures

- When to use lures:

If you’ve ever watched a fishing competition, you’ve found that the professional anglers tend to use fishing lures (generally, live baits is banned to use). With that said, if you’re a novice angler who wants to have a more relaxing fishing experience, then fishing with live bait may be a great way. If you’re an experienced angler who wants to be more actively involved, artificial lures are a better choice.

It is often that fishing lure works well for fishing aggressive predatory fish, what’s more, it will work for release and catch better than live baits. If you aren’t interested in fishing smaller and undersized fish, then artificial lures are a better option.

Lures easily find the larger fish in clear water. Besides, lures work better than baits in warmer water, because bait may fall apart in warmer water.

A good lure costs more. Sometimes, the lures get caught on water weed, tree, or rocks. In these circumstances, it’s necessary to master how to retrieve and cast, as well as troll from a moving boat.

- Benefits of Artificial Lures

Here are some notable benefits of fishing with lures:

  • Unlimited uses.It saves you some money because the artificial lure can be repeatedly used.
  • It’s cleaner. Do not deal with any blood, guts, or other goo of live baits.
  • It’s more convenient. All you need to do is grab your tackle box fishing, and cast some lines.
  • Lures can be cast further than using live bait.
  • Lure is easier for catch and release, because the fish less gulps the entire hook.
  • It is quickly and easily change the lures when catching different fish.

- Disadvantages of Artificial Lures

  • It’s difficult. You need more time and patience to figure out how to successfully fish with lures.
  • Physically taxing. In order to be effective,you need to keep operating a fishing lure. This isn’t the fishing method you do when you want to relax and kick back.
  • Find the fish. Since artificial lure actively appeals to the predatory fish’s attention, you need to know where their hiding before attracting them.

2. Fishing with live baits

- When to use bait:

When instructing beginning angler to fish, or when water is muddy, using bait at night is best. Moreover, it’s best to use bait in a very cold condition. The baits are also best for catching vegetarian or omnivorous fish.

Fishermen prefers to opt for the bait with half blood knots to fish, only by creating a strong connection so that the fish can catch the line.

For certain species of fish, bait can effectively fool and catch. All you need to do is wait for the fish to come to you, after casting out the line and setting the rod down. The leftover bait can be frozen in the freezer for next use.

- The benefits of live bait fishing

So, why should you fish with live baits? The following are several pros:

  • The scent draws fish. Some species of fish are sensitive to the smell of bait, which don’t respond to artificial lures. The targets can smell the live baits from miles away.
  • It’s easy. Fish – like most species – are opportunists. Fishing skills are not required. You just sit there begging for them to bite it. Fish take that opportunity, then you nab a catch.

- The disadvantages of live bait fishing

The downsides of fishing with live baits include:

  • It’s messy. You need to stick live beings with sharp hooks, and deal with the blood, guts and gook, which is a little gross and nauseous.
  • Every time the live baits are running out, you need to buy.
  • It is a bit complicated and troublesome to keep the live baits alive or fresh.


It’s an age-old debate about lures vs bait: which is better. As referenced beforehand, each has its own characteristics. Hunan Fishing Outdoors is known as one of good fishing tackle wholesale suppliers in China, which is the cheapest place to buy fishing tackle.



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