How to Fish With Lures —Five Tips For Lure Fishing
How to Fish With Lures —Five Tips For Lure Fishing

One: Add a small ring before the lure to ensure the swimming posture

The author found during fishing that there is usually no additional small ring on the fixed ring of the lure head, and the nylon brain line on the fixed ring, sometimes the fixed line buckle will slide above or below the fixed ring during trolling , It will inevitably affect fishing lures’s normal swimming posture in the water, which is not conducive to attracting fish. For example, if you add a small ring to the fixed ring of Lu Ya’s head, you no longer have to worry about Lu Ya’s correct walking style in the water.

Two: There are ways to replace the anchor hook

When changing the anchor hook for lure, the most troublesome thing is to break off the small ring with your fingernail and remove or install the anchor fishing process. If you are not careful, the tip of the anchor hook will hurt your fingers. There is a way You can try it. Use an awl to slowly pierce the small ring of steel wire. As the awl continues to enter the cracked gap, the gap becomes wider. When the thickness of the anchor is about the same, put on the anchor hook circle and fix it with one finger. The anchor hook, and then use the needle-nose pliers in the other hand to clamp the opening of the small ring, and turn the other end of the small ring to make the anchor hook into the ring. This solves the difficulty of breaking and rotating the small ring. Prevent the anchor hook from hurting people and achieve the effect of being safe and quicker with less effort.

Three: Straighten the brain line to ensure the lure walking style

The author thinks that light lures (less than 25 grams) and soft lures need to use 50-60 grams of sinker to drive the throw, and the connection line between the sinker and the lure requires more than 1 meter of nylon wire for the brain line. The diameter is generally 5 grains to 6 grains. When you reach the fishing position and prepare to start the rod, the brain line is often not straight, which easily makes it difficult for the lure to walk straight in the water. The solution to this problem is very simple, that is, when you combine fishing tackle, Hold the sinker with one hand and Luya carefully with the other, and pull the head line with both hands in the opposite direction to troll.

Four: Transform Fishing lure 

Many kinds of hard lures are suspended. Because of their light weight, they need a pendant to drive them to fly in the air and walk in the water. The author is to make the luer and the pendant a perfect combination, that is, the nature of the lure and the fishing rig Performance, and reduced the trouble of adding a sinker combination. The method of remodeling the luya is: 1. saw off the pressure plate of the luya and flatten the surface; 2. use a lead sheet of 1 to 2 cm thick. The length and width of the bottom of the ventral base of Holuya (cannot exceed the side lines of the two ventral sides) are cut out of lead skin according to the shape and size. 3. First try to reattach the lure to the bottom of the belly, and press and trim the lead sheet with your hands to make the lead sheet the same shape as the lure. 4. Pass through the two anchor hook fixing rings at the bottom of Luya's ventral base, and then trim the same width on both sides. 5. Lightly polish the bottom of the luer's belly and the inner side of the lead skin, fix it with the brother's good glue, and press the anchor hook to use it. (This modification is limited to hard lure)

Five: how to adjust drag

One of the reasons why trolling bass can make anglers so in love with it, one of which is that it has a heavier single tail, and the feel and excitement that the angler obtains can not be forgotten for a long time, but the hatred of running fish in the trolling process It is unforgettable. One of the reasons for the analysis of running fish is that the drag force of the reel is not adjusted properly. The rod's own elasticity is used to balance the underwater tension, which will inevitably cause broken hooks, broken wires, and broken rods. fish.

Therefore, adjusting the drag force has a decisive and absolute role. Most of the drag force function is designed at the front of the wheel, and some are designed at the rear of the wheel. Then, it is better to adjust the multiple tension. The author's idea is: look at the season, second Look at the sea area and analyze the fish situation comprehensively at that time. First, take the initial adjustment weight. For example, the largest bass caught in this season or in this sea area is 10 kilograms, so your initial adjustment should be 8 kilograms. The conservative method of adjusting light but not heavy.

Then, adjust according to the actual situation. When you feel that you are catching a big fish, there are two situations to be detected in time. One is that the line speed is too fast or the number of lines is too frequent, you should immediately tighten Drag force button. Second, if the drag force is not found to work, you should immediately loosen the drag force button until it can automatically exit.

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