Fishing Tricks: Fishing Lures’ Working Techniques
Fishing Tricks: Fishing Lures’ Working Techniques

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Fishing lures, also know as artificial fishing lures, have a variety of types, colors, sizes and patterns, and each lure is designed to attract a specific species of fish- in other words, what works for one fish may not work for another. In addition to the type of fish, the water you fish in also affects the choice of lure. Therefore, knowing how to fish with lures will make you a more effective fisherman. The following are some fishing lures’ working techniques from fishing lure manufacturer.

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  • Walking the Dog

One of the effective techniques for a fishing lure is walking the dog. Tilt the fishing rod at an angle of 45 degrees in water. Jerk on the line in the downward of the water. You need move the fishing rod slowly at first, and then begin to speed up your movements to act like a swimming fish’s prey.

  • Dead Stick, Dive and Trolling

As an interesting movement of fishing lure, a dead stick is often used by the anglers. Cast the fishing lure, then wait 10 seconds. Move the rod gently by imitating the behavior of injured prey.

As to the diving, the best crankbait is good for it. There is nothing you need to do until the line begins to sink, and you can relax and enjoy the scene during that spare time. After a few seconds, you can shorten the reel and let it sink again. This technique works well in the deep track where the larger fish lies.

Trolling is a lazy fishing process for the lazy person who don’t like to work hard for this. You can choose fishing spinners for sale or fishing spoons for sale. And just troll the lures as the boat moves. It imitates the behavior of baitfish roaming around.

  • Match the Lures’ Color with Water’s Condition: fishing lure color selection chart

When selecting a lure, we should match the lure’s color with the water’s condition. For instance, you are able to use a fishing lure in bright color or LED lure when you are fishing at night. In fuzzy or dusty water, fishing lure in white or red color may be more effective. And in the clear water, muted color is a good option.



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