Fishing Tips and Tricks: The Secrets to Catching More Fish with Your Lures
Fishing Tips and Tricks: The Secrets to Catching More Fish with Your Lures

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There are some inevitable things that may happen in your fishing trip, such as the terrible water condition, bad weather. In the face of these terrible situations, the following are some fishing tips and tricks summarized by fishing lure manufacturer, that may help you.

  • When in Doubt, Add Flash

Many anglers have collected a range of stick baits or small swimbaits, as well as various plastic fishing lures.

Fish see these lures frequently, which will reduce their curiosity and enhance alertness. How to stand out and get attacks among those lures? Maybe you can consider to add a blade to your lure. A lock blade will move right into the end of a plastic fishing lure. Although most blades use willow leaf, there are still many options to add flash to the line. It is also useful to add a small blade to the underside of any bait before casting it out. With this simple technique, you are surprised how many lures you get.

  • Do Fish Hear What I Hear? Yes!

The predator perceives prey through vision, smell, vibration, taste and sound which is a great addition to the lures. You can unlock another sense by adding noise to increase more chances that fish attack the lures. Also you can combine more senses to achieve better fishing effect. If your fishing area covers many vegetation, noise is the key to break a bad fishing trip.

  • Topwater Trebles

In the topwater, you may think about adding a treble to your lures. It looks not eye-catching, but it has good effect for fishing. In order to draw fish’s attention, you can add a treble feathered lure to a spoon lure or popper lure, which increase opportunity for fishing.

  • Use Different Hooks for Casting and Pitching

It is not going to work by using the same setup for casting and pitching, as per experienced angler.

When you cast with a worm, you’ve better use a straight hook, because it works better in the water. When pitching to flip a worm to cover, anglers say you should avoid to use a heavy duty flipping hook. Best fishing hooks in smaller type are always better options when you fish with worms.

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