Fishing Lure Guide: What Attracts Fish to Lures and Why?
Fishing Lure Guide: What Attracts Fish to Lures and Why?

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When you are in the market for the right fishing lure set, you’ll see that the products are plentiful and overwhelming. Nothing is lacking for your demand. As a beginning angler with less knowledge about fishing lure guide, you must feel confused and don’t know what to do. It’s the frequently asked questions among beginners, such as “ What is a fishing lure” and “What attracts fish to lures and why”. Here we will share the answers. Let’s reach out to learn it!

What is a Fishing Lure?

Questions like "what is a fishing lure" and "how a fishing lure works" often revolve around new anglers.

Different from live baits such as minnows and worms, a fishing lure is a kind of artificial lure with one or more hooks on its surface, which is designed to mimic the look, movement, colors and vibration of creatures acting as prey to draw fish’s attention. The material of lure’s body can be wood, metal, plastic or cork. We can decorate it with feathers, glitter, rubbers or furs, which can help to swim easily in the water.

Most of fishing lures can work for a certain range of fish species, so, the same lure can be used for more fish species. However, for particular fish, it will have specific lure which works more efficiently than others, such as rainbow trout lures, crappie fishing lures, perch fishing lures, walleye lures, catfish lures. Before buying, you can check the packaging listed what type of fish that lure does well work.

What Attracts Fish to Lures and Why?

Seasoned anglers take various fishing lure types for each type of fishing zone so as to fish a big catch when they go fishing. There are three fishing zones: surface, bottom, and subsurface. The specific lures are targeted at particular fishing zone, and attract the fish you want.

Artificial lures are designed to mimic the characteristic of prey of fish, such as the movement, color, shape, or flash, to attract them.

There seem to be fun to collect and use lures for anglers. And it is extremely satisfying and exciting to catch fish with lures. The reason why lures draw fish is that they look like the tastiest organisms with realistic designs, movements, and reflections which make them alive, just like the real thing.

Anglers tend to use lures to catch larger fish in normal, and in order to catch and release fishing more easily, you can catch fish in the jaws, lips, and mouth.

However, some types of fish are interested in the scent of prey, rather than being fooled by the reflective properties.



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